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TOUR DATES: 2022-2023


*The band are involved in another project which blocks out some dates. These are displayed as unavailable. The region is marked, if you are in that area and would like to book an adjoining date the cost will be less due to more favourable logistics.

January 13th         Unavailable* (N)

January 14th         Unavailable*  (N)

January 20th         Unavailable*  (Mids)

January 21st         Unavailable*  (S)

February 3rd         Unavailable*  (S)

February 4th         Unavailable*   (Mids)

February 11th       France – Bordeaux

February 17th       Cranbrook - Vestry Hall

February 24th       Richmond 

February 25th       Kent - private function

March 2nd             Cobham, Kent –

March 3rd              Great Yarmouth – Legends of Rock

March 17th            Preston - Private party

March 18th            Brierley Hill – Civic Hall

March 25th            Unavailable*  (Mids)

April 8th                Netherlands - Assendelft 

April 12th              Unavailable*  (SE)

April 15th              Unavailable*   (Mids)

April 21st              Unavailable*    (E)   

April 29th              Unavailable*  (W)

May 5th                 Unavailable*   (SE)

May 6th                 Unavailable*   (SE)

May 7th                 Unavailable*   (Mids) tbc

May 12th               Unavailable*  (S)

May 13th               Eastbourne – Bandstand

May 26th               Unavailable* (Mids)

May 27th               Unavailable*    (SE) tbc

June 1st                Unavailable*  (S)

June 29th              Croatia - Karlovac Festival

June 30th              Croatia - Karlovac Festival

July 2nd                Horsley Towers Surrey

July 7th                 Camper Jam Festival -  Shropshire (PM SLOT AVAILABLE)

July 8th                 Bingham - BFest (PM SLOT AVAILABLE)

July 9th                 Claygate, Surrey

July 13th               Unavailable* (Mids) tbc

July 15th               Ramsgate - Foxhunter Park

July 22nd              Unavailable* (S)

July 28th               Teign Valley - Sheldon open air theatre 

July 29th               Didcot - Cornerstone Arts

August 3rd            Unavailable* (N) 

August 5th            France –  Hippodrome de la Chataigneraie de Luxé en Charente

August 17th          Yorkshire - Tribfest

August 19th          Netherlands - Merkelbeek

August 20th          Netherlands - Gouda

August 25th          Switzerland - Geneva

August 26th          Poland - Festival Warsaw

August 27th          Herne Bay - Kent Tribute Festival, Strode Park

September 1st     Unavailable*   (SE)

September 2nd    Kingston (tbc)

September 8th     Unavailable*  (S)

September 9th     Cardiff – Acapella Studio

September 14th   Unavailable* (Mids)

September 16th   London (tbc)

September 24th   Shropshire - Woodshrop Festival 

October 5th           Bingley Arts Centre

October 6th           Unavailable*   (N) 

October 19th         Unavailable*   (S)

October 20th         Kent - private function

October 27th         Sittingbourne - Appleyard

November 3rd       Unavailable* (E)

November 4th       Broadstairs - Pavilion

November 18th     Nuneaton -

November 25th     Tamworth - Assembly Rooms

November 30th     Unavailable* (S) tbc


January 7th         Unavailable*  (NE)

January 13th       Unavailable*  (SE)

January 15th       Unavailable*  (SE)

January 20th       Cobham Church  -

January 22nd      Unavailable*  (NE)

January 28th       Cardiff - Acapella Studio   -

January 29th       Unavailable*  (SW)

February 2nd      Unavailable*  (SE)

February 6th       Unavailable*  (Mids)

February 10th     Unavailable*  (SE)

February 18th     Unavailable*  (S)

February 19th     Unavailable*  (S)

February 26th     Netherlands - Private function

March 5th            Chiswick - Private function

March 6th            Unavailable*  (SE)

March 11th          Unavailable*  (W)

March 12th          Unavailable*  (W)

March 26th          Brierley Hill Civic Hall -

April 2nd              Unavailable*  (E)

April 16th             Unavailable*  (NE)

April 23rd             Bournemouth - Private function

May 1st                 Blackburn - Restricted Rocks 

May 21st              Unavailable

May 28th              Bath -  Private function

June 2nd              Spain Puerto Banus

June 3rd               Uckfield Trading Boundaries -

June 10th             Belgium – Antwerp, Private function

June 11th             Belgium – Herentals, RoxyFest

June 18th             Bournemouth Legends Festival

June 19th             Poland –Warsaw, Grunt i Woda

June 25th             Slovakia –Bratislava, NTC Arena

June 26th             Spain – Marbella, Undercover Festival

July 2nd                Switzerland - Le Locle

July 3rd                Hastings - Private function

July 9th                 Swindon - Legends Festival

July 12th              100 Club - Stones 60th Anniversary

July 21st               Unavailable* (N)

July 22nd             Unavailable*  (N)

July 24th              Lewes - Chiddfest

July 30th              Sevenoaks - Private function

August 6th           Chartres -

August 12th         Warsaw - Hard Rock Cafe

August 13th         Warsaw - Undercover festival

August 19th         Unavailable*  (N)

Sept 2nd              Herne Bay - Strode Park Theatre

Sept 3rd               Verwood - Verwood Hub

Sept 8th                Unavailable*  (EU)

Sept 9th                Unavailable*  (EU)

Sept 11th              Canterbury - Private function

Sept 18th              Unavailable*  (W)

Sept 22nd             Burton on Trent - Private function

Sept 23rd              Tattershall - Vintage and Retro, Tattershall Lakes

Sept 24th              Cardiff - Acapella Studio

October 2nd          Aylesbury – Private function

October 16th         Unavailable*  (S)

October 22nd        Unavailable*  (N)

November 5th       Unavailable*  (Mids)

November 12th     Unavailable

November 13th     Unavailable*  (W)

November 26th     Broadstairs Pavilion Not The Rolling Stones Tickets at Broadstairs Pavilion on 26th November 2022 | Ents24

December 10th     Havant – Spring Arts Centre

December 15th     Unavailable*  (N)

December 17th     Marbella - Festival Lla Arte

December 29th     Switzerland - Delemont

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